Past life regression

Past lives

What if our current health problems or blockages were related to previous lives’ experiences?

These are the objectives of a regression in a past life or in the current life at different ages, including the life in utero.

– Investigate on the causes of blockages, repeating patterns or symptoms having physical, emotional, mental or spiritual consequences.

Explore the cause of the problems to allow a better awareness in regards to your current challenges. As if the soul, through the body, was trying to express an ancient shock. This is precisely what Patrick Drouot, a French physicist graduated from the Columbia University in New York, related in his book “Des vies antérieures aux vies futures” (from previous to future lives).

Through various regressions, he found out a cause-and-effect between current ill and past experiences. For instance, while providing care to a young woman suffering from asthma since de age of 27. During one regression, she experienced the end of a passed life in the Middle Age when she died suffocated, her chest crushed by a rock, at the age of 27. After this regression, she started having less asthma crises. Turning 27 seemed to have been the trigger of it. As if the memory of this trauma, although occurred centuries ahead, was waiting the opportunity to express itself to be evacuated (1)

Release current ill and some negative emotions related to wounds

– Access passed life’s information to help your soul progress and fully live the present moment.

What do we do during a regression session

Various techniques are used to clean these memories. The aim isn’t to erase the past, but to look at these experiences from a new angle and to “desensitize” them and remove their influence on the present time.

A meeting lasts between 3 to 4 hours.

What happens during the session?

1) I connect to your energetic bodies and I read some of your past lives which could be responsible of your current blockages. We then analyze it together to become aware of what needs to be cleaned.

2) After that, I guide you in a meditation state which will allow you to access some of the events having taken place in the current or past life. The objective is to release the roots of those events which create the problem you face in the present life. This work requires awareness and active commitment.

It is advisable to do this work over a minimum of 2 meetings. In fact, the deprogramming can take some time, considering that a schema can be repeating itself over multiple lives.

This therapy does not have any religion connotation. What you need is an open mind and to be willing to approach your challenges from larger angle.


All persons looking for an explanation to a health problem with a regression, should not stop their medical treatment, if one has been prescribed by a qualified health practitioner. It is important to keep in mind that pathologies originated from psychic influence are not necessary related to an accident occurred in a past life and can have various causes.


(1) Patrick Drouot, Des Vies Antérieures aux Vies Futures, p. 83, Monaco, Editions du Rocher




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