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Do you want to boost your professional and private projects? The Reconnection ® is for you!

Dr Eric Pearl, was already a renowned and flourishing chiropractor in Los Angeles with over 12 years’ experience when, in 1993, he received these new frequencies. He quickly noted the surprising effects!

Who can receive the two sessions of the Reconnection®?

The Reconnection® is accessible to anyone who feels the desire to do it. In fact, one doesn’t need to:

be religious, mystical or believe in something special

– have a long spiritual track record

– have been in contact with the energies….

It is enough to aspire to your own Reconnection® and to decide for it. With only two sessions, everyone who has been reconnected, makes a move ahead in his/her evolution and can vibrate permanently in these new frequencies.

The Reconnection®, also known as Personal Reconnection, is received only once in life and then become part of you for the rest of your life. It is experienced during 2 sessions of 40 to 60 minutes each. These 2 sessions take place in different days, usually one after the other day or the 2nd session maximum after 3 days. It is recommended after each session to take some time for yourself, enjoy some fresh air and connect with nature…

The Reconnection® brings evolutions’ changes and leads the person who receives it toward his/her life’s purpose. During your session, you will be deeply relaxed and centered, living your unique experience. As the second session is over, it’s done. You are reconnected…. You are instantly lucid, you can drive your car and continue your road…

The Reconnection®, a process of raising vibration, allows you to vibrate at a new level. Your life improves: things often feel more fluid, more spontaneous. Many testimonials confirm it and highlight the deepness of the individual changes, with more inner joy, serenity, self-confidence and higher achievements of desires…

It is recommended to take a session of Reconnection healing before or after your Personal Reconnection.

You will read hereafter some of the conclusions of the various studies on the Reconnection® frequencies done by eminent professors, such as Dr Tiller, Dr Schwartz and Dr Korotokov.

– After receiving the Personal Reconnection®, the electromagnetic field around the client and the practitioner has changed: the activation, the amplitude and the oscillation of the magnetic frequencies has increased considerably. Some studies highlight a clear link between the level of the patient’s electromagnetic energy and the new organizational state and balance of the body.

– According to studies using a random event generator, the Reconnection session clearly seems to help the body cells and the psyche to evolve towards a state of organization and ease.

Laboratory experiences have noted DNA changes: some plants, after having been damaged find a way to restructure its cells…

– During the sessions, the Gamma rays seem absorbed (rather than transmitted) by the practitioner and the client. Various independent researches on the different bioenergetics healing systems have demonstrated a link between the absorption of Gamma rays and the return to a normal health condition.

– Reconnective light and information frequencies can be felt physically: they have been measured as “palpable” during blind and random tests.

– Some experiences confirm that practitioners of the Reconnective healing and the Reconnection can transmit a bigger amount of light.

– The frequencies, during a session, trigger significant changes of activity in the brain and in the heart of the practitioner as well as the one of clients. In particular, the heart’s activity of the practitioner (measured with an ECG scanner) modulates the brain’s activity of the client (measured with EEG scanner).

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