Spirituality: energetic cleansing and karmic release

Spirituality: karmic release

Are you willing to explore the deep cause of your health problem or emotional imbalance?

Try an energetic checkup with the dowsing technique.

There are two levels of cause to consider:

    1. The initial cause, deep and hidden, can be traced far back in the present life, ancestral memories, past lifes or other dimensions.
    2. The “trigger” cause which is often considered as the real cause of the problem, but in fact only the last drop which makes the cup run over…


In order to find the causes of the unbalance, I follow these two steps:

1) Making an energy dowsing check-up which evaluates:

  • The presence of various entities (walk in, second soul)
  • Involutive cristallisations et energetic pollutions
  • The presence of black magic, act of ill will or malediction
  • The family’s blockings and conflicts
  • The life’s blockings
  • The presence of incarnation wishes or karmic knots
  • Aura: birth’s colour
  • The functioning of the 7th main chakras
  • Dharma, life’s mission and destiny
  • The soul family
  • Number of earth life to clean
  • Number of karmic bounds to clean
  • Main guide
  • Original wound
  • Opposite forces in the personality
  • Enneagram
  • Mental actions on emotions and spinal cord
  • Energetic alignment
  • Psycho-physical dealignment
  • Feminine and masculine alignment
  • % forgiveness and what still needs to be forgiven

2) Depending on the results, I suggest an energetic cleansing and purification which includes:

  • Cleansing of entites that are often the cause of many health problems  (depression, anxiety, spasms, insomnia, fear of dying and more). The cleansing will be done during 2 months
  • The removal of life’s blockages and energetic pollution
  • Cleansing of an eventual second soul
  • Cleansing of past life’s memories
  • Cleansing of karmas

How can you get your energy check-up or the cleansing of your living place?

1) Making a distance check-up (more efficient and precise as it avoids an emotional interference or influence from the client).

If you wish to request an intervention or a distance assessment, please send me by e-mail:

  • your picture or one of the concerned person. The eyes must be visible.
  • a short text explaining the reason leading you to this request.
  • If the request concerns an energetic cleansing of a flat or house, a picture of the main house facade or two pictures of the inside (living and bed rooms) in case of a flat.
  • Your contact details including an email address.

2) Meeting at my office to hand you over the results or sending them by e-mail

This therapy can be dispensed to anyone who wishes to do an energetic cleansing, to keep fit and healthy or for a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual stress. There are no side effects and this therapy is a good complement to traditional medicine or other therapies.

This therapy can also be applied to distance cleaning of a place, apartment, house or land.

This therapy has no religious connotation. It is only necessary to have an open mind and to be willing to approach the challenges from a larger angle.

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