Biofeedback and Bioresonance (ASCA therapist refunded by complementary medical insurances for these two methods; please check with you medical insurance):

Chf 150. – per session which includes a health check-up and a therapeutic session. Duration 1h30 min.

Cure “The 8 pillars of health”

Chf 1’120.- including 8 energetic health check-ups and 8 therapeutic sessions on the following topics: detoxination, cells oxygenation, absorption, emotions management, body self-regulation, immunity, cells regeneration (anti-ageing) and development of quantum consciousness.

Karmic release

Chf 150.- per session
which includes a distance energetic health check-up and a 2 month energetic cleansing. The follow up of the distance cleaning can last from 2 to 6 months depending on the needs and the level of energetic pollution.

Chf 150.- per session

Including additional cleansing, such as the elimination of life blockages, the cleansing of negatives memories in the chakras, incarnation wishes… to be defined according to the check-up and the individual needs.

Past lives regression

Chf 100.- per hour. Each session ranging from 1h30 to 5h. First session will last an average of 3h to 4h.
Each session being different, the sessions usually include: the lecture of some open past lives related to the actual situation, a guided regression in a past life and/or a prenatal regression (up to the mother womb), chakras balancing, aura harmonization and cleaning of Akashic memories.

Personal Reconnexion®: 2 sessions for Chf 333.- (the same rate is applied all over the World), each session lasting 1 hour.

Reconnective healing®: 1 session for Chf 120.-  Duration: 1h

Energetic cleaning of an apartment, house of land:

Distance cleaning : Chf 150.-
On the premise: Chf 170.– + transportation costs

Oligoscan minerals and heavy metal check-up 1 session Chf 130.-  Duration: 1 h

Digestive cleansing program (one month including supplements and coaching) 1 month Chf 468.-

Donation for specific treatment

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